Ralmark Company has automated turning capabilities for high volume pulley fabrication utilizing aluminum, ferrous metals, engineered laminated phenolic and various grades of industrial plastics. Automated secondary operation equipment is available for drilling, milling and assembly. Tooling and fixtures are developed in-house saving cost and reducing lead time.

Pulley Manufacturing

Ralmark’s manufacturing process was developed to accommodate a wide variety of pulley products from 1 inch to 14 inches outside diameter. Our business management system is certified to AS9100 Rev D and ISO9001:2015. Therefore, our products are designed, planned, and produced to meet or exceed customer requirements. Our Modern manufacturing and testing facility is maintained to ensure functional performance and application reliability.

Regardless of the intended application of our products, Ralmark’s routine testing of new materials and concurrent inspection of key characteristics assures each part will perform as expected. Qualification and Quality Conformance testing is done in strict conformance with MIL-DTL-7034 and to referenced Standards and Specifications.


Capabilities of Ralmark