Industries & Markets

Ralmark Company Pulleys are widely used throughout all branches of the military & defense industries. We are listed under QPL-7034 for our entire Military Standard (MS) series of pulleys. The MS pulleys are used in aircraft applications, such as flight critical control systems and brake installations. These military unique parts of aircraft control and brake systems require interoperability and compatibility with associated components and equipment. This interoperability and compatibility has been assured through the strict adherence to military requirements which contain substantial detail. The detail assures item standardization and compatibility through specific dimensions and tolerances in the MIL-DTL-7034 specification sheets and material control requirements in this specification. The qualification process ensures these items will meet the flame resistance, and -65 °F to 250°F, temperature requirements and performs as specified in the environments to which they may be subjected. Users and prime equipment manufactures depend on these detailed technical requirements to ensure delivered product meets the interoperability and compatibility requirements.

Ralmark Company’s dedication to manufacturing high quality pulleys for the Aerospace industry has naturally transitioned to a wide diversification of customers seeking similar attributes. Ralmark Company’s proprietary blends of cotton fiber & resin compounds are used to create High Pressure Laminated Phenolic material with uniform strength which is further machined to pulleys. This material has been found to carry less line vibration and resonant sound making the pulley’s ideal for theatrical & stage rigging application with critical load considerations. In fact, Ralmark Company is recognized for our MS24566-4B & MS24566-5B pulleys in The Technical Brief Collection, Technical Design Solutions for Theatre, Volume 1 which was simultaneously published by Focal Press in both the USA & UK in 2003 and most recently in 2013.