Ralmark Company aircraft pulleys meet and exceed the requirements of Military Specification MIL-DTL-7034. We are approved and listed on the applicable government Qualified Products List, QPL-7034, for all series of Military Standard aircraft control pulleys. We hold additional approvals from all major airframe producers. These pulleys are in continuous production in our factory. Derivatives of these standards can be offered for special applications.

Our reputation for excellence in aerospace manufacturing follows to the products we offer for industrial and commercial applications. Many industries enjoy the quality, dependability and ready availability of aircraft type pulleys for diverse applications in wire manufacturing, electro-mechanical devices, remote actuation, steering, light drives or conveyors and counterbalancing systems, among many others.

Pulleys take on many configurations depending on the application. Grooves are available for most popular cable sizes. Special grooves can be designed to handle wires, fibers, cords, ropes, bands or belts. Our engineering department can assist you in configuring a pulley that’s right for your application.