Aircraft Control System – is a collection of mechanical and electronic equipment that allows an aircraft to be flown with precision and reliability. A control system consists of cockpit controls, sensors, actuators (hydraulic, mechanical or electrical) and computers.

Eccentricity – the degree of displacement of the geometric center of a rotating part from the true center, esp. of the axis of rotation of a wheel or shaft.

High Pressure Laminated Phenolic – Laminated sheets which combine a base material (canvas, linen, or Nylon cloth) with a resin (phenolic) are subjected to high heat and pressure in order to engineer a new material with attributes specific to its intended application. Characteristics of High Pressure Laminated Phenolic sheets vary with the grade and usage requirements.

Flange – A flange is a rim or wall used to stop the cable from slipping off the pulley.

Static Load – A static load is a mechanical force applied slowly to an assembly or object. Any force applied steadily without moving an object is considered a static load.

DFAR (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations) 252.225-7009 – Restriction on acquisition of certain articles containing specialty metals.

Assembly – An item forming a portion of a system or subsystem the can be provisioned and replaced as an entity or incorporates multiple, replaceable parts.

FAA / PMA (Parts Manufacturer Approval) – Is a combined design and production approval for modification and replacement articles. It allows a manufacturer to produce and sell these articles for installation on type certificated products.

PMA Design Approval – This certifies that a replacement or modification article complies with the airworthiness standards of eligible products (aircraft, engine or propeller) shown through tests and computations unless the article is identical to the article design on a type-certificated product.

Identical – In regards to FAA/PMA means that an article is the same in all respects to an article design in a type-certificated product. Evidence of Identicality is shown through license agreements with the OEM and certified drawing files conforming to the OEM specifications.

Dynamic Load – A force that is applied rapidly.